Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  Are you 100% symptom free?

A: Yes.


Q: Why did you stop taking copaxone?

A: I stopped taking copaxone because of the indents and bruising it left on my body where I injected myself.  I also stopped copaxone because I was “weirded” out by the whole medicine thing, felt depressed, and wasn’t acting like myself.  Nutrition has 0 side effects, copaxone had too many to count.


Q: Is your boyfriend vegan?

A: Mostly plant based, but still not entirely.


Q: When was your mother diagnosed with MS?

A: 1992. Symptom free until about 2000.


Q: Why did you move to Denver?

A: Peter had a new job opportunity, and I went along for the ride hoping I would find awesome opportunities out here as well.


Q: Favorite book?

A: Probably Whole by T. Colin Campbell


Q: What were your onset MS symptoms?

A: Blind in my right eye under stress or when in heat.


Q: What is your favorite brand of clothing?

A: Since I’m in my active wear 60% of the time, probably Lululemon.  Other than active wear, Free People (when I can afford it)


Q: How long have you been a vegan?

A: On and off for 10 years.  When I say off, I mean consuming low amounts of cheese or eggs.  I’ve been a strict vegan for the past 2 years.


Q: Do you wear animal products?

A: No and yes.  I won’t buy products anymore that use leather/fur/etc. but I still have some articles in my closet that aren’t 100% vegan.


Q: How often do you do yoga?

A: Depends on the week. Sometimes I’ll practice 5 days a week and sometimes 0.  Just depends on my mood and what type of workouts i’m currently into.


Q: How does Peter deal with your MS?

A: Well, he doesn’t really have to deal with anything because I have no symptoms.  But, he understands the risk with being with someone that has MS…and I guess I was worth the risk!