“Nothing Tastes As Good As Walking Feels”

This post is dedicated to my mother.

“Nothing tastes as good as walking feels” …the quote that resonated so deeply that it hasn’t left my mind all week.  I used to be a fan of the Kate Moss quote, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I even had it printed on a $200 dollar pillow from Johnathan Adler. The Kate Moss quote couldn’t be more of a fallacy.  Most things taste better than skinny and I left that stupid pillow in Philadelphia.

I had a call with NY Times Best Selling Author, Ann Boroch, this week.  I was extremely grateful to be able to speak with her on the phone and organize an event with her. (Stay Tuned) We talked mostly about specifics for the event and of course, the MS Healing Diet.  She was interested with my vegan take, and doesn’t follow a vegan healing regimen at all.  Although her diet was mostly plant based she still included eggs and an occasional piece of lamb or goat. Even after talking with such an inspirational woman, I still am a strong believer in my healing journey and take on veganism.  Mostly ALL healing diets are primarily plant-based, so I don’t see a problem with being fully plant-based.  Also, we must do what is best for you and find that balance.  I don’t disagree with any specific healing regimen, I think our mind and our dedication to healing is the key component in this equation.  And also lots of plant food.



She told me that one of her clients said this to her after regaining his/her health on her healing regimen.  We often take our ability to do simple tasks for granted.  I don’t know about you but I enjoy walking to pour myself coffee in the morning. Taking my pup for a walk.  Walking to my car everyday.

Every time we open our mouths to either speak or eat, we are either feeding disease or fighting it.

What we think, we become.

We are what we eat. 

In conversation people are always quick to say, “I don’t know how you do it, I love _____ so much!”

Do you love it as much as your ability to walk? I don’t think so.  When you are fighting for a greater cause, you find such joy and effortlessness in eating right.  Whether you do it for the animals, the environment, or to heal your chronic pain…it’s effortless.

My mother limps everyday to work and yesterday she fell and the brace on her leg broke.  Eventually she got up and walked to her car without her brace. My eyes fill with tears thinking of this scenario, and my thoughts go back to that quote. Nothing tastes as good as walking feels.  I do it for my ability to walk in a couple years.  I do it for my mother who has lost her ability.

Quit trying to do it for “skinny”.

Because food tastes way better than skinny feels, sorry Kate Moss.

But nothing. Absolutely nothing will taste as good as walking feels. 

Lots of love sent to Ann, and make sure you check out her amazing book, here. 






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I'm not brave, brave people have choices. I was given no choice. I lived a fast paced New York lifestyle, and after going blind in my right eye and my unexpected diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, my fast paced life slowed down a bit. After moving to Philadelphia in the Spring of 2014 I took my diet to another level. I went off all medication and adopted a plant-based whole food vegan lifestyle. I have passion like no other and stay positive through all. My blog is my journey. This journey wasn't the one I had planned for myself, but I embrace it and love every second of it.

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