what are we focusing on here?

At work this week, I was doing research on many bloggers that focus on curative diets for various autoimmune diseases.  I dug very deep into cyber space to find others, like myself, that were focusing on living the healthiest life possible to prevent symptoms or eventual disability with an autoimmune disease.  To my surprise, I found about three wellness blogs focusing specifically on Multiple Sclerosis.  THREE?   I found a lot of blogs that would discuss medication, chronic pain, sleeplessness, fear of the unknown, poems, “fuck MS”, the list goes on and on….

I’m sure everyone knows where I’m going with this one…(maybe.)

I’m not saying this a bad thing.  It’s nice sometimes to read relatable material, if you are going through a hard time with your Multiple Sclerosis.  It’s also so easy to fall into a pity party and think that it’s inevitable that you eventually will be disabled.

I’m ALSO not saying that everyone with Multiple Sclerosis needs to turn around and drink green juice all day long. (even though they should)

But, what are we giving power to? 

If you haven’t already figured this out, the mind is an extremely powerful mechanism.  I am a firm believer in what we think, we become.  

Health is more than drinking green juice all day long or eating a mostly raw vegan diet.  (Even though I am a firm believer this helps.)

Health is positive thinking.  Health is surrounding yourself with people that don’t treat you like “that sick girl”.  Health is not allowing the disease to take away from who YOU are.

I truly believe that sitting around all day and reading a forum on how to prevent chronic pain, is going to give you chronic pain.

I’m not a doctor, but what we think, we become.  

Sometimes when I’m having a bad day and I’m throwing myself a pity party I’m so quick to be like, “MY MS IS ACTING UP.” Then I realize I’m acting like an asshole, and it’s all in my head.  What we think, we become. 

To sum this big long, kinda rant up, all I’m trying to say is….DON’T YOU WANT TO GET BETTER?  Stop focusing on all the negative parts of this disease, and bring out the positive ones.  Start truly believing that you will be the exception to this disease.  Start reading women with positive stories that have turned around their MS.  It’s almost a little too ironic that some of these women with positive stories decided on healing themselves, and they did.  And none of them follow the same diet.  Just some food for thought.

I know personally, I won’t let myself get sick.  I have a blog to keep up with and a success story to tell.


Check out these blogs:





Plus,  this woman is always an inspiration, and I highly recommend her book.







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I'm not brave, brave people have choices. I was given no choice. I lived a fast paced New York lifestyle, and after going blind in my right eye and my unexpected diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, my fast paced life slowed down a bit. After moving to Philadelphia in the Spring of 2014 I took my diet to another level. I went off all medication and adopted a plant-based whole food vegan lifestyle. I have passion like no other and stay positive through all. My blog is my journey. This journey wasn't the one I had planned for myself, but I embrace it and love every second of it.

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