fun facts: is my boyfriend vegan?


I get this question, a lot.  Since we live together, and I’m always posting my food everybody seems to want to know the answer…is Peter vegan? How does he respond to this lifestyle? How do we go out to eat?  What do I cook to sustain him? So I’m gonna go over all of these questions – but just because Peter is very receptive to the vegan lifestyle, does not mean you can’t practice a vegan life with a meat-eating boyfriend.  (BUT it does make it easier when you have someone curious about why you do not eat meat.)

To answer the question, and hopefully not letting you down, Peter is NOT a vegan.  As a former college basketball standout, Peter was always in touch with nutrition – and when I came into his life, it really only heightened his awareness.  His diet is mostly plant-based since we eat at home a lot and we only cook vegan food.  A lot of people are probably thinking, “That poor guy.”  But I can honestly say it has never been an issue in our relationship and cooking and finding new vegan recipes is something we have in common.  Even though he knows eating a plant-based diet makes me happy, I can not say he does it strictly for me.  He used to have a lot of stomach issues, and he told me that eating mostly a plant-based diet has quelled a lot of his digestive issues.  

**BUT, I do have to say this one thing.  We make a lot of recipes that state, “serves 8” or “serves 6” and we normally do not have any leftovers.  So this can be expensive.  Eating a plant-based diet (when consuming produce) is significantly cheaper, but a lot of ingredients you need for vegan recipes can be price-y.  (i.e.: nutritional yeast, raw/organic nuts and seeds, avocados, quinoa, etc.)

So that answers the how do I make enough plant-based food to sustain my 6’9 boyfriend.  I make a LOT of food, and expect no leftovers.  For breakfast, if I am home, i’ll make a LARGE green smoothie, and i’ll make sure it has enough calories for him.

Pete’s High Calorie Smoothie (PHCS)

1 Cup Raw Almond Milk (See Recipe below!)

2 Tbs Peanut Butter (I use the Whole Foods, not sugar/salt added, freshly ground)

1 handful of spinach

2 Frozen Bananas

1 Scoop PLANT FUSION chocolate protein powder (

1 Scoop Amazing Grass Wheatgrass Powder (

Blend + Serve immediately!


One of our favorite activities is eating, therefore, we enjoy finding new restaurants to enjoy – especially living in a new city.  Yes, we do eat at vegan restaurants a decent amount because I have no issues with the menu, BUT we do not limit ourselves to vegan places.  Lately, veganism has really “taken off” so a lot of restaurants expanded their menu and have either a couple vegan dishes or a full vegan menu.  This is especially true for Denver.  I found that Denver, not as vegan friendly as Philadelphia, is more into locally sourcing their food and they tend to always offer a “v/o” vegan option.  

our favorite philly places:

Royal Tavern *vegan friendly*: this place is great late night, not late night, lunch, anytime.  Best vegan cheesesteak – hands down.  The atmosphere is cool, beware of hipsters.

Red Hook Cafe *vegan friendly*: best BLTA (tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, veganaise)

V Street *vegan*: Hopefully i’m going here tonight.  I couldn’t come back to Philadelphia without a stop.  Don’t fuck around with Charlie was a Sinner, Bar Bonbom, …just get right to the good stuff.  V Street is the sister restaurant of Vedge, which is also in Philadelphia and voted best vegan restaurant in the country.  Vedge is fantastic, but I prefer V Street. Less expensive, and maybe i’m just a fan of street food.  Don’t leave without getting the Tempeh Tacos. You’re welcome.

Zahav *not vegan  – but vegan friendly by default*: who doesn’t love hummus?  Zahav is modern Israeli cuisine, and absolutely delicious.  It looks like you’re walking into a doctors office, but the inside is dimly lit and trendy and if you are like me you could create an entire meal out of their many different dips.  Save your money and go binge on their hummus, just politely let them know you are a vegan.


our favorite denver spots, three months in:

Sushi Den *not vegan – but vegan friendly by default*: okay so we live in a landlocked state, but this place is not fucking around with their fish.  Every morning at 4am, the fish is flown to Denver from Japan.  What?! Anyways, I wasn’t eating the fish regardless but, I was worried Peter would leave with some fish-y disease.  See what I did there? Anyways, great vegetable rolls and delicious eggplant apps.  Plus, Peter says the fish is fantastic.  Save your money and go.

Root Down *locally sourced food – mostly anything on the menu can be made vegan*: pleasantly surprised with this place.  We went there as a last minute meal before we flew out to Philadelphia and it was fantastic.  Everything is locally sourced and the menu is constantly changing.  The Tofu Korma was the newest on the menu and absolutely amazing.  PLUS they have a raw vegan pre-fixed meal once a month, so we will be back.


I hope this answers all your questions, and hopefully you can hit one of our favorite spots. I would love to hear what you think – so email me, message me, whatever! And for all those concerned that I wasn’t feeding my boyfriend enough, I think this post speaks for itself.  We like to eat.


Everyone have a healthy and happy holiday!







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I'm not brave, brave people have choices. I was given no choice. I lived a fast paced New York lifestyle, and after going blind in my right eye and my unexpected diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, my fast paced life slowed down a bit. After moving to Philadelphia in the Spring of 2014 I took my diet to another level. I went off all medication and adopted a plant-based whole food vegan lifestyle. I have passion like no other and stay positive through all. My blog is my journey. This journey wasn't the one I had planned for myself, but I embrace it and love every second of it.

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