five fifty nine spin class

5:30 AM, Friday morning. After working all week and not missing a single spin class, my mother gets up at the crack of dawn on Friday to “sweat out the week”. If you are unsure what “spinning” is, it’s a high intensity cycling class that is about forty five minutes of hills, sprints, and tons of leg and core work.

My mom asked me mid-week if I would like to go to spin with her at 5:30am before she went to work on Friday. I couldn’t believe she would ask me such a ridiculous question. Here I am, currently unemployed and leaving to drive across country to Colorado tomorrow, why the hell would I want to wake up at 5am to do spinning? I had ALL day to go for a mediocre run and lift light weights and call it a day.

Then I thought about it. I had to cherish every moment I had left with my mother before my move. And also, if my mom can put on her leg brace, and limp gracefully into that gym at 6am, so can I.

These are the two things I learned during this intense class where I was nearly brought to tears in all the right reasons. Granted I am an emotional person, but I finally realized why my mother loves spin so much.

1.) No matter how hard the uphills are, there is always a downhill right around the corner. Even though these downhills aren’t much easier, just lowering that resistance in the slightest makes all the difference.

2.) Never stop your legs on an uphill, or you won’t be able to start again.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis, or just living in general, is a lot like spin class. No matter how hard the uphill is – you can’t stop. You keep going and you have to realize it will get easier. I tend to like the uphills better because the view at the top is better. The pain makes you stronger. My mom told me after the class, “you have to learn to enjoy the climb.”

While leaving the gym, the woman at the front stopped me. She expresses, “your mother is a true inspiration to all of us, a real role model.” My mom doesn’t miss a day at the gym. She doesn’t miss a day of work. The household is ran as if she was as healthy as she was 15 years ago. It may have gotten harder for her to do all of this, but she doesn’t stop on the uphills. And she never has.

And with all that being said, she kicked my ass in spin class.