hm. so where did we leave off in this story we call life…

I’m no longer a New Yorker, it’s super weird.  I’m a Filadelphian.  Yep, Philadelphia. I moved to Philadelphia a little over a month ago to take on a new job that I am extremely passionate about.  I got offered to take the position as a General Manager of a Juice Bar and Burrito Bar called Animo.  We do juice cleanses, have tons of kale, put Spirulina in our drinks, and tell people what to drink when they are sick, hungover, sad, etc.  I love it.  I take pride in working for a company that is Organic, non-GMO’d, and the food and drinks are delicious.  I stress to the employees that by giving that juice and promoting healthy food and a healthy life you are changing someone’s life.  It’s not just filling their stomachs and getting them through the rest of the work day, it is about taking one step in the right direction to combating cancer, heart disease, and auto-immune diseases.

Well enough about my job. But if you are ever in the area (Center City Philadelphia) stop in. Say you read my blog. And I will give you 20% off plus an amazing juice and organic burrito. You won’t be disappointed.

I like to think that good things fall apart so better things can fall together.  I like to think I am taking all the right steps in the right direction.  I try not to endgate. I don’t look behind me and I don’t look too far into the future.  I am doing what I love, I am surrounded by my family and friends, I am surrounded by healing foods that are fueling my body to live and run and love.  What can you give thanks for today? Without thinking about how you will pay your bills next week, who you are going to marry, and how you are going to do this/that.  There is so much to be thankful for.  I feel floor beneath my feet and a warm blanket and cup of tea on my lap.  I see a roof above my head and I feel a nutritious meal in my stomach.

I’m feeling filadelphia. I like this new beginning.