Finding balance in a (fword) up world

Okay, so i’m not the most balanced person in the world, i’ll be the first to admit.  I’m impulsive, emotional, dramatic, and very all or nothing.  I don’t like moderation, because i’m a true believer that success comes from excess.  

Recently, I started this whole “moderation” thing.

With foods, emotions, fitness, sleeping schedules, …and so on.  Maybe i’m being too excessive with moderation. Ha-ha. 

What I have learned is that you are not going to eat “right” all the time.  You are gonna have days from the moment you wake up you eat cinnamon buns and then end the day with a huge bowl of ice cream.  You are gonna have days where you drink too much and can’t get out of bed the next day. And you know what? That’s totally fine. When you’re out with friends and you want that extra margarita but fear it might ruin your workout in the morning…who CARES.  Moderation.  As long as you aren’t drinking margaritas every night and you spend your life hungover, who cares.  Then there will be days where you do everything “right”. You juice, make smoothies, eat collard greens, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Stop beating yourself up for “bad” days. I did it. I used to lay in bed at night thinking over and over, “WHY DID I EAT THAT” or “WHY DID I DRINK THAT”? STOP. Stop right now. No day is a bad day.  It’s all a part of your journey! Think moderation.


Instagram. I know you all follow those super healthy girls, who have awesome bodies, and only eat greens. I know you do. And you think to yourself, “How do they eat so flawlessly everyday?”  I call these instagram fibs.  No one is gonna post a photo of the container of peanut butter they are eating in bed.  No one has a flawless diet.  I like to think I have a very healthy and portion controlled diet.  But yes, there are times you can find me eating almond butter out of the container in bed late at night.  I admit it. Of course I only post photos of my amazing smoothies and delicious greens, i’m not going to post the photo of me hanging out in bed at night with my hair in a top knot, not wearing any pants, eating nut butters. I thought about this instagram fib thing when I was sitting outside watching the ice skating rink in New York City.  I saw this beautiful girl posing for a photo on the ice.  She looked like the most amazing skater…”wow, I wish I could skate like her”, I thought.  The second her friend put down the iphone camera, she tried to skate and looked terrible. She wasn’t a skater at all.  And i’m sure that photo was up on instagram, and everyone thought the same thing as me.  But anyways. I’m going on a tangent.  I just needed to talk about instagram and how we can’t believe everything we see on there.  Practice moderation. You aren’t perfect and either is anyone else on instagram. 

Emotional moderation.  This one is tough. For all the girls, you know how when you get your period the pain comes and goes? Like contractions. That’s kinda how a broken heart is I feel.  Exactly like contractions.  You feel so much pain and you just wanna run away from it all and do anything that will take it away.  Then you cry, and all of a sudden it’s like the calm after the storm. You feel okay. Almost hopeful. At first, I wasn’t practicing emotional moderation.  I was panicking in the midst of all my pain. Pure panic. Will I feel like this forever? I’m going insane. This hurts so bad. What do I do? Then I would try to prevent myself from crying and just feel worse. Then I had a thought. I knew the pain would cease and I would feel hopeful again because I’ve been through this process many times. I started practicing what I call, emotional moderation.  When I feel the pain coming on, I would find a quiet spot. Reflect. Let out of few tears. Pull myself together. I wouldn’t beat myself up for crying. Who CARES.  Everyone feels that their pain is so individual and unique, but we all go through hard times.  You are NOT alone.  So I stopped acting like an animal when I felt upset. I would allow myself to feel pain, and then know it would all go away shortly. Just allow yourself to feel. You are human.  Just be stable with it, don’t go crazy, allow yourself to feel it, and then move on. 

What are some things that you could moderate in your life? Yes, the key to success is excess. But if you wanna stay afloat in life, you need moderation.