Facing the facts

Yes, it is easier to ignore things that bother us.  To block it out.  It’s like throwing a blanket over a mound of trash in the living room.  Instead of cleaning it up and dealing with it, we cover it up and move on.  I think it’s human nature to do this and move forward, validating why we have this blanket in our living room covering garbage.  It’s art.  


It comes a time in life when we have to face the facts.  Number 16 (Post below) was “Don’t be afraid to walk away from toxicity in your life.”   You only have one life.  Just one.  And if you are not one hundred percent happy with what you are doing and how you are living your life, I have advice for you: Walk away. Change it.  I walked away from my beautiful apartment in New York City and my boyfriend.  I moved back to Southern New Jersey in my parents closet-sized lime green guest bedroom.  I was in a toxic relationship where I was not myself.  I will not go into detail, but I will say, I walked away because I had no other choice. I was put into this situation, where I could stay, and be walked all over, manipulated, and put down for how I lived my life.  That’s not the way anyone should live. Never.  New York City was my life- my dream.  But sitting there in my king size bed, in my beautiful apartment tortured with pain, was not.  So i left. I faced the facts. And if you love something, let it go right? And if it’s meant to be it will return. The universe has incredible ways of working.


On a lighter note, I also faced the fact that my mother, who also has Multiple Sclerosis, can put more resistance on her bike than me in spin class.  I would tell myself over, and over, “She’s just acting like she has so much resistance! I am definitely doing more.” Nope, not at all.  My mother can out spin me in her leg brace and all.  And i’m facing the facts. 


Yes, cleaning up the trash sitting in your living room is time consuming, disgusting, and isn’t the most glamorous job. It sucks, actually. But you have to do it.  Stop validating things and start facing them. If while you’re cleaning up the trash you eat a container of nutella and cry, it’s okay. Better days are ahead when your living room is clean and you can dance where the trash used to be.