Follow these steps

This weekend I was dealing with feelings I have never felt before.  I was so upset over things that were happening in my personal life I lost my appetite, felt lethargic, and wanted to do nothing but stay in bed all day. That’s not me, at all. So I took action.  On Sunday night after a 12 hour work day I decided to sit in Starbucks for a couple hours and do some writing.  I wrote down my to-do lists, blog ideas, and then I wrote down a list of personal things that I wanted to be reminded of and work on.  What I realized after I wrote this list is that it would be perfect to share with everyone.  Some of them are geared specifically to me, but you never know, maybe someone else out there will need that reminder as well.  Life is indeed a roller coaster…one minute you feel you have it all, and the next, you want to run from it all.  That is why we need to be reminded of a few things every once in awhile.


1. Stay Calm.  If you are frustrated, grab a pen and paper and write. Get it all out on paper and read it back later. But always stay calm.

2. Make plans, stay busy.  Nothing is more attractive than an independent woman.  Make plans with friends, keep in touch with people, get out of the house.

3. Eat healthy, and often. Refrain from being “HANGRY.”

4. Enjoy the Spring and having enough time off from work to enjoy the weather. Get fresh air and do things you wanted to complete. Make the patio a beautiful oasis, go running at the park, read and write outside.

5. Write. Whenever you get upset grab this pen and jot down everything.

6. Silence is beautiful.  No one can make assumptions, judge what you say, and say you are crazy when you are silent.

7. Have a smart mouth. Don’t ramble. Think before you speak and this will avoid regret.

8. God can handle all. He is better at this thing called life than you. Take your problems to him, he won’t let you down.

9. Pray. Whenever you wanna say something you are unsure about, pray about it first. Take it to God.

10. Don’t feel pressured for time! You are 23 years old. You are so worried about getting things done before getting to old, life is going to pass you by. Enjoy right now. Enjoy all you have now.

11. Be understanding. Listen, learn, and understand where the other person is coming from. We all have different ideas and different pasts – making everyone have different feelings about things. Understand that.

12. Love deeply and deep breathe. Don’t hurt people you love.

13. Take advantage of your life in New York City! How lucky are you? You’ve dreamed about this your whole life.

14. Take a step back and realize all you have. Keep moving forward.

15. Stay present. Be considerate of your feelings.

16. Don’t be afraid to walk away from toxicity in your life. Don’t be afraid.

17. Love Yourself. Make a list of everything you love about yourself.

18. Refrain from saying too much or gossiping. Keep it within yourself.

19. If you feel stressed after work – don’t take it back to your house. Have time to unwind. Grab a tea, take a walk…a busy subway ride isn’t enough time to unwind.

20. Give thanks daily.

21. Find confidence within yourself. Don’t look for outside approval, you have it within you.


So those were my notes to myself. I recommend everyone make a list of reminders.  Make a list and every morning meditate on it and make that day the best yet.  Life is so precious, refrain from toxicity and enjoy every moment.





Favorite workouts #1

Apologies for my lack of posting….I was in Costa Rica for work and then I got bangs. Busy stuff.Image

Anyways, here are two of my favorite workouts that I have been meaning to share for awhile.  They are easy to do in your gym, outside, WHEREVER.  Working out shouldn’t be a once and awhile thing…it should be all the time! I am a member of my local gym and I go five times a week.  I’ll try to explain the movements as best as I can, i’m not a trainer!  Oh, and every single one of my workouts consists of some kind of run. An incline run, long run, interval run, light jog…etc. 


Okay, number one is called the ‘ i sweat so hard in this awful thing i actually forget my name and i forget i have an incurable disease’


5 minute jog.


75 Jumping Jacks

75 Burpees (Youtube will explain the perfect burpee if you do not know what this is)

75 Push-ups (I do the modified version during this workout, on knees)

75 Box Jumps

75 Squat Presses (Use weights, Squat then when standing press weights above head)

75 Crunches

75 Squats

60 Donkey Kicks – 30 on each side (Youtube does a great job explaining this one as well) 

75 Jumping lunges

75 Bicep curls

75 Tricep overhead extension

75 Tuck jumps

3 Walkouts with swivel and push-up ( do I explain this. You start standing and without bending your knees you simply walk out to plank position, pull one knee at a time to the opposite elbow then back to plank position, do a push up, then walk back up to standing without bending your knees) 

100 crunches

OKAY. I know that’s INTENSE. I try to do this once a week and improve my time.  You’ll feel awesome after you do it.  And the next day your long run will be a piece of cake.  Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!


Okay number two. This one is awesome. Because you aren’t ridiculously exhausted like the last one and you are still in the ‘ i love the gym mode ‘ and we all need days like that.

Warm up:

5 min jog.


30 mountain climbers

15 burpees

9 Push-ups (Not modified in this one) 

15 Box Jumps

15 Squat Presses (Same as above)

30 crunches

15 jumping lunges

5 Walk out swivel push-ups (Read description above) 

Then run 1.5 miles!

Then do it again! 


So no, I don’t use machines…or even weights that often. Just my body, high intervals, and running.  If you don’t know what a move is, google it, and then make your own workouts up. Change up your workouts weekly- and keep them interesting. I normally throw in a spin class here and there, and of course, yoga.